Posted by: Chris Avery | July 22, 2008

A Scriptural Critique of Infant Baptism

Read it here by John MacArthur

I believe this is a sermon transcript and has some typos… but I think you’ll be able to understand it.


A few points:

Found nowhere in Scripture

No evidence of until 3rd century

Argument from silence is not a reason to demand infant baptism

Refutes scriptures used to defend infant baptism

We have a church full of “baptized” unbelievers

Romans 6: Have these babies died to sin… or do they live like the rest of the world.



  1. Well done. I have MacArthur’s free sermon on baptism. I agree with him. However, I have only read one author who seemed to be able to accurately refute adult baptismal regeneration. I joined the ICOC at age 19 and thought that baptismal regeneration was taught in Scripture. Nobody except for Scripture itself ever presented any convincing proof against it. Then I read a commentary chapter by A. W. Pink on John 3:5 and it agreed with what I had come to understand. That baptism does not save, but the work of the Holy Spirit does.

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