Posted by: Chris Avery | September 13, 2012

Chris’ Classics: Ten Shekels And A Shirt by Paris Reidhead

This is the first post from Chris’ Classics. I didn’t post this first because it is my absolute favorite. It just happens to be the one that has been brought up again recently. As I had it on CD in my car, I listened to it over the last two days.

There are many sermons, youtube clips, and blogs that I have enjoyed. Then there are some that I have listened to on several occasions. This is where I will post some of those that I have enjoyed on more than one occasion. Both, that others can see them, and that I will have a convenient place to find them in the future.

Sidenote: I have not researched it myself, but from the things I’ve heard cited from his actual works…I do not hold the same regard for Charles Finney as Paris Reidhead. He seems to be someone that was a good speaker and was good at manipulating emotions. There is some fiery preaching from him, therefore I know there are people who quote him. Overall, it sounds like he was off in his theology.


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