Posted by: Chris Avery | December 23, 2009

What Brings Joy

This poem is taken from Troy’s Creation House. Please check out the site and I highly encourage you to check out the Creation Museum as well.


What brings joy to a person these days?

Is a question that’s answered in a variety of ways

Some think that money is all that is needed

But often it’s money that makes people conceited

Some believe things can make us feel whole,

But things do nothing to satisfy the soul.

All that is here in this world that we see

Can at best only bring a temporary glee

So what does it take to bring a joy that will last?

In a world where tragedy can bring sorrow so fast

How do you cope when the hard times do come?

Like losing the life of a precious loved one.

The answer for sure is outside of our self

Outside of this world and all of its wealth.

Only a God greater than what we can see

Can provide us the joy that all of us need.

A joy not based on things or net worth

A joy that comes with a person’s new birth

No matter the trial or suffering of this life.

This joy OVERCOMES the world and its strife.

So I ask you today, “Is this joy deep within?”

Or are you in bondage to the dominion of sin?

Do you know the God who is faithful and true?

Or is your confidence solely in you?

I hope and pray that you bow before the King

And receive the joy that only He can bring.

A joy in the heart that only God can form.

A joy that defeats the most perilous storm.

This joy is available to all who will come.

In humble confession to God’s only Son!

By Frank Zitzman


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