Posted by: Chris Avery | December 4, 2008

Remembering the Poor

I’m just going to post a few paragraphs from this article and encourage you to read the rest. I certainly don’t want to take credit away from the writer.


The birth of the church was associated with an extraordinary splurge of generosity and freedom from possessiveness; being together seemed more important. Their needs became common. If you need it and I’ve got it, I guess you should have it. Amazing!

This has not got much to do with giving 10% to a weekly offering to uphold the minister and his needs and pay for the building not to fall down. This was radical common life. They were in fellowship, which did not mean they shared a cup of coffee after the meeting for a few minutes.

Koinonia is a fascinating Greek word. Among other things, it means partnership. It’s not strictly a religious word but the church flooded it with fresh life and colour. Before they ever met Jesus, Peter, Andrew, James and John were in koinonia. They were partners in a fishing firm. They owned it together. If one was in problems with breaking nets, the others would rush to help. This was not a religious response, it was a partnership reality.


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