Posted by: Chris Avery | September 14, 2008

My Personal Prayer Request

My birthday is October 19. I was hoping to celebrate I could go to the Deeper Conference.

Deeper Conference is October 17-18 in the Atlanta area.

I later found out about another conference… also in Atlanta… and it was the following week.

Revival Conference 2008 is October 21-23

I was amazed when I discovered that they are both within a week and in the Atlanta area. I would really like it if I could attend one or both of these. If you could add it to your prayers I would really appreciate it. Even if I can’t go, I hope that some others will see this and go themselves.


Thank you in advance,




  1. I hope you get to go to at least one of them!!

  2. I will pray for you Chris. I know these Conferences can be and are a great source of growth for us as christians.

  3. Hello,

    Great to see you find out about the revival conference event. It is free to attend and has paul washer, henry blackaby and many more speakers! there is also a free live webcast of the event on during the event. Bless you.

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