Posted by: Chris Avery | August 9, 2008

Mark Cahill Interview

Mark Cahill Interview

This is a great interview from Way of the Master Radio. He talks a lot about Evangelism. He has a book called One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, which I have not read… but plan to someday. If you don’t have an hour… start at the 40 minute mark where he starts to give a sample of his preaching.



  1. I read Mark Cahill’s book and it changed my life. You will be wanting to give it to all your Christian friends once you read it.

  2. Hello, brothers. My name is Andre and I am Peruvian and live in New Jersey. I want to encourage you to preach the Word with boldness.

    And I also want to know if someone want to help me with the distribution of “One thing you can’t do in Heaven” in Latin America.

    I am giving away these book through two websites; and

    They are for free to any one who request it online. If someone wants to help with the distribution we can talk with Mark Cahill about this issue.

    May God bless you, you can contact me

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