Posted by: Chris Avery | August 9, 2008

Alex Burroughs Quote on Idolatry

Everyone wants God to take them just as they are; but no one wants to take God just as He is. Modern evangelicals, in particular, commit blasphemy against God and stumble headlong into idolatry by spending more time examining their personal experiences — trying to make sure God belongs to them — and less time examining the Scriptures to make sure they belong to Him. – Alex Burroughs



  1. I am appreciating this quote as I think over it. Thank you for putting it up on your site. I’m tracking backwards, trying to find the source…who is Alex Burroughs. I’m curious to find out more of what stirred his heart to write these thoughts. If you can steer me in a direction, I’d be grateful.

  2. I’m sorry, I don’t even remember where I found it at this point. If I find anything, I’ll let you know.

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