Posted by: Chris Avery | July 19, 2008

Little Boys Trying to Play Men of God

“If you are a lost unregenerate Hell bound church member, then you will need all sorts of things to motivate you for the Christian life, you’ll need to go to a church where it’s like a six-flags over Jesus, they have every sort of thing you can imagine to keep you entertained. They have program after program after program because they got to keep the machine going because the building cost a lot of money. And they gotta introduce and embrace every fad that comes down the pike, church growth this, church growth that, my goodness how did the apostle Paul ever start a church? You have to be sensitive to culture, this generation, that generation, the x-y-z generation, every generation and you have to know everything, NO! It’s all a bunch of little boys trying to play men of God without the scripture is what it is and they’ve got to build something on something other than scripture because they don’t have scripture nor the power of God.”
– Paul Washer



  1. would you believe I was searching the internet for quotes to put on my page, (check them out) and I ran into this randomly. I was like, “hey, I know this guy! ” lol… let me know if you get this comment. :0)

    Thanks for the quote btw 🙂

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