Posted by: Chris Avery | July 17, 2008

Please Pray for Steven

This is from my online friend Dani, it is from a few days ago.

please pray for my cousin steven. he was a special operations officer in iraq and in january of 2007 was critically wounded. he was paralyzed. after spending months in the hospitals he was finally released. because of his heroic actions his story has been on national news.

he has been doing very well now, but then 2 days ago he was admitted to intensive care with pneumonia and complications from medication. he is now on a respirator and he is in a medically induced coma. the doctors have requested that my aunt and uncle – his parents fly to his location immediately.

thank you so much for praying.

Updated July 17

She updated me today.

the infection is better but he still has a fever. they cannot understand it. he is still on the ventilator and still in critcal condition.


Updated August 2

steven is improving! he is now off the ventilator and although he can’t breathe on his own yet, they have tried to get a trach tube in his throat and finally succeeded. it will be more comfortable for him. they are getting the infection under control now. overall the lungs are the biggest concern right now. he’s still in critical condition.


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