Posted by: Chris Avery | July 15, 2008

Prayer and Help For Josh’s Mother, Carol



For those of you who do not know, my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her 3rd bout with cancer. She’s had a complete hysterectomy, she’s had her entire colon removed and she’s now had a double, radical mastectomy.

The good news: She is doing very well under the circumstances, she has stayed faithful and is in good spirits. She has completed her 12 weeks of chemotherapy at Hershey Medical Center and has completed her chemotherapy shots.

The bad news: My mother, Carol, must be on an oral chemo daily for the next 5 years which we unexpectedly found out insurance will not cover. Although we fought hard to get it covered, insurance will not cover it. Currently she is paying $5,000/year out of pocket for her medications alone. And now, in addition, she needs this oral chemo which is $300/month for the next 60 months. That’s $8,600/year out of pocket with insurance just for medicine.

This is from Josh at Truth Matters

There is a little more to it at the site. Feel free to click here or on the banner above. Please keep them in your prayers and help out if God leads you to give.



  1. Thank you for your prayers and support. We really appreciate it during this difficult trial in our life. My mom is very grateful. Thank you again brother.



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