Posted by: Chris Avery | June 13, 2008

Let’s Stay on Message

by Phil Johnson

Here’s my final entry in a recent series of posts about the church and political activism. Before getting into the final point, it would seem good to reiterate something I’ve said since the first entry: I’m writing about the corporate duty of the church. I’m not concerned here with how or whether individual Christians vote or otherwise participate in the democratic process—except in one regard. If you are known for your political agenda more than for your commitment to Christ, your values are upside down. If you make the gospel subservient to a political strategy or a partisan agenda, you’re probably doing more harm than good. If your political rhetoric obscures, tones down, alters, or clouds the gospel message—even ever-so-slightly—then you are hiding your true light under a bushel, and you ought to reconsider where the biblical priorities lie.

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