Posted by: Chris Avery | June 3, 2008

My Screwtape Letter

I had to do this for a class. I don’t think it’s that good, but you can read it if you like.



I have received your letter telling me of the patient’s interest in the preachers of old and the ways of the Puritans. I would have preferred that he never would have found them, but the battle in not lost. In fact, many new “converts” start out with this excitement. The question is whether he stays with the Enemy when the excitement is gone. There are a few different things I will show you to lead him away from the Enemy.

            First of all, you may encourage him to keep listening to these preachers. You had mentioned that he spends much more time listening to them than praying or speaking to the Enemy himself. The things that they speak may be true, but if we can take his thoughts off of the Enemy and focused on theology we shall win him for Our Father Below. He must be kept to trusting in the words of these men and never checking himself, the Book, to see if these are true. The Enemy desires that your patient would always look to Himself and not to other men for guidance.

            Another thing that I have seen in patients that are already here is to encourage their interest in social justice and politics. This may seem odd to you now, but I will explain it to you as you are not nearly as wise as I. In the beginning, he will do it because it is something that God requires. He desires justice and is supposed to “love” all people. As he continues down this path he will eventually change his focus. He will be so enthralled with helping people that he will start to lose his focus on the Enemy. There are two likely results, he will continue down the slippery slope until the Enemy is practically forgotten, or he will start to use his prayers and the Enemy as a means to the social justice that he desires. This will hurt the Enemy’s ego, who will not be used as a pawn of men. All the better, it brings great joy to all of us here to see the Enemy thought of as pawn to further their own will.

            Encourage the listening to the preachers to a great degree. Make it his consuming passion. From letters past, it sounds like he is already headed in that direction. A little push along the way won’t hurt any. He is too naïve to notice how much focus he is putting into it at the neglect of everything else. Let him study and read all he wants of the Puritans. There is one command that I will give you. DO NOT let him act. Let him read until his eyes sting. If he only reads, he is no threat to us. Agreeing to something in thought and having them immersed in the will are two entirely different things. The more deeply he feels without acting, the more difficult it will be for him to act later.

            All of this time spent reading will serve our purpose in another way. The work of your fellow demons Ifrit and Eligos will be made easier. They are working on his sister and friends. As he spends time reading, he will neglect to “love” and serve as the Enemy has commanded of them. He will think that his study of the Enemy’s words is enough, but he will fail to act in the ways that he should. If this patient escapes our snare, we can at least stop the spread of it to others.  Great tension will occur among the patient’s family and friends, and they will not want to serve such a one that makes a man self-centered and mesmerized with his own learning. Again, I will say do not fear. The patient is well within our grasp.

Your affectionate uncle




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